Developer Info

baseline started as a viewer for a different mental health app’s data. So we’re all for people creating interesting things for users to try out. You can, of course, help us develop baseline itself - or you can make something that uses baseline’s endpoints or data to give users a different experience. Let’s break down those options:

Developing baseline

We are fully open source. Check us out on GitHub! If you want to add something to baseline but don’t know where to start, file an issue! We’d be happy to help. If you’re a more experienced developer, feel free to jump right in. Open a PR once you’re ready, and we’ll help you get it in shape for release. A lot of our release process and testing is automated, so different GitHub Actions will likely give you your first round of feedback. You can also run our tests locally with Cypress.

Services That Build on baseline

If you’d like to build something that uses baseline data or endpoints, please reach out! We’re happy to provide anything you need, from API keys to SSO. Interfacing with baseline user data can be complicated, and we’re happy to help you work through it.

Do note that there are some restrictions, primarily for the psychological well-being of our users. (For instance, if you try to add a social media aspect to baseline, there’s a very good chance we’ll reject that usage outright.) We might also suggest verbiage changes to ensure you don’t offend or trigger anyone. This is a platform where people share their most intimate and vulnerable thoughts, and it’s crucial that you treat it that way. Really simple services (especially if they’re just for you) should be able to build on top of baseline without any issues, though. We’ve purposefully kept things a little open to allow people to experiment for their own purposes.

For applications you’d like to have used by users other than you, though, please contact us at for integration help and review. (Legally, this is required by our Terms & Conditions, but beyond that - please, just do things the right way and talk with us. This is an open source project. That’s what we’re all about.)